Monday, March 11, 2019

Allah: the source of education and growth (Videos)

Note: Below you will find our recent Friday Khutbah (sermon). It is divided into three parts

Allah: The source of education and growth part one

Summary: Being truly connected to God will result in being open minded and less dogmatic.Practical examples of differences in prayer among Sunni Muslims are briefly explained, and argued that such differences should not lead to actual division.

God actually created us to embody differences, and that's okay.

part two

Summary: Humility before God a necessary characteristic. Some discussions on particular supplications at the Hajj pilgrimage.

part three

Summary: Briefly looks at the Prophetic supplication "O Allah, show us truth as truth, and give us the ability to follow it, and falsehood as falsehood, and give us the ability to abstain therefrom. Concluding remarks.