Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to form a relationship with Allah [Subhanaahu wa Ta'alaa]

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If above links does not work, then go to youtube and search for "Relationship with Allah" "Shamsuddin Waheed".

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"How to earn Divine Provision". DVD. Explanation of several Quranic themes, including morality of believers, interfaith relations, respect for Divine symbols, and how these issues intertwine to bring forth the provision of God. $9.95 plus 2.50 shipping/handling. Please order at Arifin Imports, PO Box 70617, Toledo, Oh 43607. 419-246-9697,

"Shaking world". CD. Lecture delivered in the wake of the Japan tragedy as well as the turmoil facing the Arab World, also explained is the Islamic view on the "end times" and confidence building. 5.95 plus 2.50 shipping/handling.

"How to form a relationship with Allah". DVD. Focuses on practical steps in maintaining and giving strength to one's relationship with God. $5.95 plus 2.50 shipping/handling.

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