Thursday, July 15, 2010

What happened to Islaminview forum?

Many of our readers are also members of the "Islaminview" forum. Its site is Three days ago, the site disappeared! All efforts to contact the host server [] was unsuccessful, and today we found out that ipbfree forums has "disappeared forever". One site explains this further:

"I apologize, but I am legally bound to keep secret why everything is missing. Just know that there is a reason and we at iPBFree no longer have control of the situation. I'm sorry for the damage this has caused. "

I can understand even a falling out, or possible violations. What I can't understand is why no one was given a chance to retrieve any of their data before this happened. I guess the fact that the service was free means no accountability on the part of the company. Sad, sad world when the '**** you' is said to being considerate of others."

Who knows what happened, but it appears that unless someone at IPBFREE is going to recover the date somewhere, our forum, as well as thousands of others, are lost to posterity. This is sad because the discussions, posts and membership is top-notch, ours was a small forum, but one where everyone basically got along, despite religious, ethnic, cultural and class differences. Many people learned about various aspects of Islam there, our forum.

Now we have to decide whether to build another forum or to find some other means of sharing our thoughts, experiences and the like.

Any suggestions, kindly pass them along by posting a comment.

Salaam, Peace.



jana z. said...

salam shams, though i dont frequent forums anymore, that is truly devastating for you!!!! i cant believe it just crashed...well i can, one of our lady's only forums crashed very similarly a while back. sorry to hear.

Shamsuddin Waheed said...

Thanks Jana. It seems very few people frequent forums anymore as it is.

Grégoire said...

sad it's gone, but not surprising. there was a great deal of interesting and good information over there, which i hope will be available elsewhere. peace, g

Shamsuddin Waheed said...

Some of the posts were copied/pasted on other sites, so at least some of them were saved for posterity.